The Long Hiatus

Hopefully, there are still plenty of people subscribed to my blog, and/or interested enough to hear (either directly or through some grapevine) to see that I’m back. These same people, my formerly faithful readers, may have wondered what in the world happened to me. The second half of 2009 happened to me, to us, and I found myself unable and unwilling to share anything, because some of it was painful, heavy, difficult, and frankly pretty private.

With 2010 approaching, I’ll be reviewing those last 6 months and share a few tidbits, a little glimmer of our lives, particularly the ones that have been upsetting but can serve a larger purpose. Such as the Georgia Power Saga. Oh yeah, one heck of a story there.

Meantime, I hope to see you again in the New Year, feeling once again my usual optimistic self. Until then, dear reader, may 2010 represent a fresh slate, less painful life changes, and rosier outlooks. If it’s cold where you live, please enjoy my Crockpot Chili recipe. Yum!

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