The Anniversary We Never Sought

9-11 Billboards

Billboard in Prishtina, Kosovo in memory to 9/11. Photo by BUJAR KABASHI

Today is a special day, particularly in the United States.  On this day ten years ago, two commercial airliners were crashed, deliberately, into two of the World Trade Center’s buildings.  Another crashed into the Pentagon.  A third was crashed by courageous passengers, determined to thwart the terrorists who had intended to visit pain and grief on an unknown destination.

I remember.

I watched on CNN for an entire week, occasionally switching to CBS for a different viewpoint.  I am watching again today as those who can attend various ceremonies in Pensylvania, Washington, D.C., and dedicate the World Trade Center memorial in New York.  both President George W. Bush and President Obama are present right now as I tiype, along with their wives, viewing what is, truly, a burial ground as well as a memorial.

What I remember most is the unity of most of the world in the days and weeks that followed this devastation.  Much of that has been lost since then.  Today I hunger for that unity again.  I hope to see it in my lifetime.

Just never again at a similar cost.

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