Did you know? Dollar General delivers!

So, I was going through this week’s newspaper inserts, and found the Dollar General ad for this week.  “I wonder if Dollar General delivers,” I asked Brian, who was sitting at the Mac, surfing the web.  We were enjoying our regular Sunday morning “Café Chez Michelle” ritual.

As I scanned the front page of the ad insert, I find this:

“Dollar General delivers. Shop a wide selection of items online now, 24/7.”

“Dollar General delivers?!” I exclaimed in shock and surprise.

Sure enough a quick (and obvious) lookup online showed not only a website for the discount chain, but one you can order from.

Moreover, they have store coupons.

This weeks’ savings note: Save $5 on Saturday, September 24th ONLY on purchases of $25 or more at Dollar General.  Sounds like a killer deal to me!

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