Well! I am now the proud co-owner of two cats and a dog!

A friend of mine,, a family who have been like surrogate parents to my daughters, found themselves needing to move, after years living and working in another apartment complex. Unfortunately, the new place doesn’t allow pets, so they had to get rid of them.

Initially, I’d offered to take the cats and this dog, but they had a plan for the dog already. However, that fell through, so she’s living with us now after all.

It’s a lot more pet than I’d ever planned on having in an apartment; at the same time, I’m thrilled to finally have a dog again, and I’ve always loved cats, so here we are! I’ll post pics whenever I can find the cord to my camera…. or can figure out why my laptop isn’t reading the memory card. >.< Meantime, I said “co-owner” because as far as I’m concerned, these are still their pets. They have pretty open “visiting rights”.

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