Value versus service (The continuing ISP trouble saga – Part 3)

I am somewhat pleased to report that I got a response from my ISP today.  Things are going better than expected.  It’s going well enough that, once this is all over, I will actually tell you which ISP I’m talking about: the possibility for outstanding customer service is absolutely beyond reproach, IMO… except for that original tech support person.  That person, I’m sorry to say, wasn’t too knowledgeable.

Anyway, here’s the letter I got back from them after my previous communication to them:

Good afternoon Michelle,
I definitely understand where you’re coming from and I would be happy to work with you to make sure that you are not charged for service that you were unable to use.

In situations of credit issued for service interruptions, we use the first contact of our repair group regarding the issue as the starting point of the service interruption that is being credited. In the interest of making sure you were fairly compensated for the lost services, I took a look at your account and saw that the first tech that was called out to address the Internet issue was on 9/6/11 and I could find no interactions on the account prior to that referencing service issues. Do you remember the dates of any tech appointments prior to 9/6? Based on that start date, we would be looking at 2 months of service interruption. Unfortunately, since you are using a Residential account, we are unable to credit Business-related revenue loss. We do have a Charter Business branch that specializes in those sorts of service packages and if you’d like, I’d be happy to get them in contact with you.
What I am offering is 2 months worth of ALL services you subscribe to ($126.19 per month x2 = 252.38) and I’d be happy to apply a new set of promotions that would lower your bill from $126.19/m to 106.89/m for the next 12 months. This would save you a further $231.60 over the next 12 months (and avoid your current pricing expiring and your price returning to normal rates).

Thank you,

[name withheld]

I replied with the following:

Hi [customer support guy],

This is a good starting point.

I’m betting if tech support looked at the records of the internet connection in the months prior to September, they would find frequent fluctuations. I did call prior to September, I believe that’s when I was told I had a router issue. That call was made approximately 5 weeks before the first full on outage in September. I endured the escalating problem for weeks, concerned I couldn’t prove to Tier 1 support (who tends to “read from the script”) that there was a problem. I might not have been aware of the internet issues, but the phone certainly was giving me a hard time as far back as late January. Please have this checked, knowing what I know now of the issue, it should show up in the pings.

As for business service.. well, I might have switched had I had a chance to even get off the ground! In any case, I’m not looking for compensation there: I didn’t do enough to be able to extrapolate lost revenue. I *do* know, for a fact, that I lost revenue with my job (as opposed to the business), because I literally missed calls asking me to take on more hours.

I appreciate your offer, but do not feel it’s quite enough. I will, however, consider 3 months worth of service ($126.10 x2= 378.57), and I’d be stupid not to accept a cheaper package on top of that for the following 12 months. I currently owe, on the books, for about 2 months and a half. If we apply this as a credit to the current bill, that would mean two more weeks prorated, then the new rate would kick in in mid-November. Is that acceptable?

Thank you for taking the time to look into this for me, and your willingness to work with me.



I guess we’re in negotiations now!  I think they’ll be able to see what I’m talking about (I pray they do!) in which case they will, hopefully, understand that they’re getting off light with 3 months of free/credited service. We shall see…

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