Value versus service (The continuing ISP trouble saga)

So, since my last post on the subject, my cable and internet (and, therefore, my internet phone) are back to full operational status.  That’s the good news.

The bad news is: I received a letter informing me that I owe and am past due, yadddi yaddi yadda. (About 3 weeks ago, I stopped making my automatic weekly payments).  I just now contacted my ISP’s Facebook Tech support people and sent them this letter:

Hiya [ISP]!

Apparently, I didn’t make myself clear in some of my previous communications. Although my internet and cable problems have been fixed, the fact that it not only took so long, but I essentially had and was paying for crappy service the whole time simply doesn’t sit well with me. Customer service = win. Actual [ISP] service = fail.

Moreover, I never got credited with the week I got disconnected altogether, when someone else was supposed to have been (presumably my next door neighbor).

That should have been obvious.

As it sits, I’m thinking I’m due a few months’ worth of free service. That’s right. I was paying top dollar for a service I really didn’t get for several months. In addition, a tech support person having a bad day (or maybe impatient to get to lunch) essentially dismissed my initial call about intermittent service. He actually gave me the nubmer for my router manufacturer’s tech support, rather than take a second to look through the service history.

Yes, the situation got bad enough for me to know you actually keep a record of signal quality. That makes sense, since the router, at least, pings [ISP] at regular intervals.

If you go back as far as you can, you’ll see this problem was creeping up months ago. I had trouble with phone service (calls that weren’t clear, dropped calls) all the way back to late January. It got worse, until I made that initial call about my connections (both phone and internet) dropping on a regular basis.

Recently, I discovered during the worst of it, I lost a number of calls to come in to work. As a result, an assumption was made that I didn’t need extra hours. In short, I literally lost money. This has lasted for the last 8 weeks.

Moreover, when the problem first started, I was attempting to start a home-based business. I lost calls there, too, though I didn’t find out until much, much later.

In short, this whole situation has been a debacle on top of a mishap on top of a bad case of carelessness, heaped on top of assumptions based on the awareness that the average [ISP] customer has no clue what HTTP means, let alone that they can figure out the phone AND the modem going out could not possibly be caused by the router. The result: REAL money lost.

I kept paying while the situation was getting sorted out because I only needed one problem at a time.

Now that the downstream/upstream issues are solved, it’s time to talk money.

As far as I’m concerned, I’m owed compensation equivalent to 8 months of lost service, from late January to late August. If that is beyond your role to discuss, please direct me to the next available supervisor/person in charge ASAP. I picked up from the mail a letter saying I’m “past due”. Really? This situation was so ridiculous, I actually considered going to satellite. I hate those darn dishes, but if they provide more reliable service with less hassle, it certainly sounded like the right choice. Truth is, I appreciate the fact that there is *this*, a personal way to interact with [ISP]. That, and that alone, kept me with you. But that doesn’t mean I can forget that I got subpar service that I paid for faithfully despite its deterioration.

[ISP] owes me.

What say you?


I’ll keep you updated.

Oh, btw, my friend and brother Brian, who lives right around the corner from me, is now experiencing similar problems.  I wonder if it’s a more widespread problem than it seems?

Questions?  Ask them below!  Sometimes I talk in shorthand, so to speak, and I’m not as clear as I think I am, despite the sheer number of words used.

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5 Responses to Value versus service (The continuing ISP trouble saga)

  1. Well, I don’t really have to comment other than the fact that your ISP service really sucks. I also seem like their customer service also sucks too. I really hope that they will get you some type of credit for having crappy ISP service.

    BTW, I think your post is pretty clear, at least to me.

  2. Jaguwar says:

    Thank you Brandon. Except that it took way too long for them to realize there actually was a problem on their end, they’ve actually been pretty splendid in terms of customer service. But for months I didn’t actually get what I paid for regularly, period.

    Thanks for commenting. 🙂

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