Value versus service (the continuing ISP trouble saga — conclusion)

I am immensely pleased to report that my ISP, Charter Communications, and I have reached a suitable agreement.  I just now received the following communication:

Hello Michelle,
Thank you for getting back to me! As of right now, the total balance on your account stands at $258.93, which is right at 2 months worth of service. So the credit I offered originally would wipe your account balance and set you back to a $0.00 balance for all intents and purposes (not a bad way to start the holidays!). I can’t really justify a 3 month credit where I only have 2 months worth of service issues as evidence, but understand where you’re coming from and I would like to offer you a bit extra for the time and trouble you’ve had getting back and running again. I propose an even $300.00 credit to your account. That would completely wipe your balance and leave you a $41 credit towards your next bill. In addition, I can put the new pricing into effect immediately, or I can even back-date it to the beginning of this billing cycle (10/26) so that you get the full effect of the discount for this month.

How does that sound?



To which I replied:

Good evening Witten,

That sounds pretty fair, actually, given our respective limitations. Thank you for your continued willingness to work with me. Please extend those thanks to the rest of the crew, too: “Umatter to Charter” is an absolute godsend! You guys give “customer service” a great name, going above and beyond. If Charter has a way to recognize this kind of outreach, let me know what it is so I can contact the appropriate parties.

Thank you again, Witten. Have a terrific evening.

Ed, John, Witten and Phil: you all rocked.  You kept your cool, kept it respectful, and all but bent over backwards.  In my book, that is service “above and beyond.”  Thank you.

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4 Responses to Value versus service (the continuing ISP trouble saga — conclusion)

  1. Brian Smith says:

    I’m glad this all got resolved for you! 😀 The big corporate giants can be kindhearted sometimes.

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