More Charter trouble – this one’s an odd one!

I love it when unusual things happen because it gives me something to talk about, but this is a weird one.

I was watching re-runs of Burn Notice, episodes I hadn’t seen at the end of season 4, as a matter of fact.  I was, therefore, fairly interested.  All of a sudden, Michael was frozen in mid discussion with Sam.  I waited. And waited.  And waited a moment more.  I know sometimes strange things happen with satellites and such, and usually they correct themselves, but in the event they don’t, you can always go check on another channel, find something else to watch.

I grabbed the remote, and tried the next channel up.  Same thing. Hmmmm.  I tried channel 8, which is our local Public Broadcasting affiliate, and found the characters of this educational kids’ show (I forget it’s name at the moment) also frozen in place.

Now this was strange.  Clearly this wasn’t a satellite issue, as these were all different networks who would, presumably, have their separate feeds.

I already know the next step at this point: turn the set top box off, wait a minute or two, and turn it back on so it can get a fresh signal.

One minute

Two minutes

Enough waiting, turn it back on and… same thing.  In fact, there was no new signal received; if there had been, the menu would claim all programming was “To be announced”, the time would have reset itself to 12:00, and so on.  Well, wasn’t this weird!  Time to pull out the big guns: actually unplugging the whole rig.

This time, when I plugged back in, I got the expected action: “TBA” channels and an incorrect time but still no action.  Time to call Charter.

It turned out technicians were already on it, but there was no telling from Tech Support’s end what was doing, how long it would take, or anything like that.  We shall see!  The young man I spoke to (he sounded all of 22!) gave me a credit, for which I thanked him. “I’d rather it work,” he replied to my thanks.  Hmmmm.  Good point!

Here’s hoping the problem gets fixed sooner rather than later.  20 minutes later, it seems some of my channels are back, but so far that doesn’t include the last 3 minutes of Burn Notice.  Sadness.

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