NaBloPoMo Day 4

This is a message for the benefit of National Blog Posting Month about the National Novel Writing Month. Huh.

woman writingYesterday wasn’t quite as productive as the first three. I only managed about a thousand words.  I find myself impatient to dive into the meat of the story, the crisis point, but first I need day-to-day filler.  At least, it feels like filler while I’m writing it.

Part of the problem is probably that I’m a “seat-of-the-pants” writer, what Wrimos (people who write during NaNoWriMo) call being a “pantser”.  I don’t do outlines.  Years ago, I learned that my final product never ends up anywhere near the outline, so what’s the point?  I’m content with a very vague, mental image of where I want to go, and I call that good to go.

I might find myself in need of something more detailed, however, and soon.

Still, I persist.  My character is taking shape, I think, as are the circumstances of her life.  Last night, while conversing with my friend cum brother about it, a clearer picture emerged that changed my in-my-head outline. Of course! Didn’t I tell you?  Outlines never stay on track!  That’s ok, though, I have a bit of a plan.

Unfortunately, work is going to interfere with writing today.  In fact, I probably should go back to bed (I was up late last night, trying to hash out these details and working on other projects besides) and when I wake up, I have a short 5 hour shift (what’s up with these short shifts, anyway?  Give me 3 eight hour days already!) after which… it will be Wrimo time again.  Perhaps tonight I’ll work to music. Maybe that will help.

If you haven’t joined NaNoWriMo yet, it’s not to late.  Just head on over to the website and sign up!  It’s a lot of fun, and awfully rewarding.  Don’t want to write, but you admire those crazy enough to give it a go?  Great!  Support the operation by making a donation, as small or as big as you wish. It’s a great way to get a tax deduction (you’ll get an emailed receipt), and honestly supports a teaching and learning organization that is no longer confined to the United States.  That makes the world a better place.  You can donate via my fundraising page.  Who knows?  Maybe some day one of the books you read will have been written (or at least started) during this month of madness.

Maybe that book will be mine.

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