Andy Rooney died last night.

Andy Rooney died last night.

Andy Rooney, by Stephenson Brown

Andy Rooney, by Stephenson Brown (

I distinctly remember his “A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney” being the highlight of 60 Minutes in our house.  We looked forward to hearing what he had to rant about this time.  Sometimes he was funny, too, but his commentary was always on point.

Reading the comments of various colleagues of his, it’s clear that he took that attitude in real life, too.  The man was nothing if not opinionated!  But he lived a long life, and worked until just over a week ago, when he aired his 1,097th (and final) commentary.  Until the end, he did it his way.

A man of contrasts, Andy Rooney managed to be the most ornery beloved public figure in America. He will be missed.

Rest in Peace, and try not to piss off the angels in Heaven or anything, ok? Ah heck, you’ll just do it your way! We loved you!

He will be sorely missed.


Watch his last regular appearance on 60 Minutes.
Also, be sure to read my friend Brian’s more in-depth look at Rooney’s career.

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