NaBloPoMo Day… 5?

I’m not feeling so good.

I slept all day yesterday (having stayed up most of the night before, except for a short nap) until it was time for work.  I’d been nursing a strange headache: it felt like a migraine was coming on, but somehow, not quite.  Anyway, by the time I was halfway through the shift, I had moments of light-headedness, and that hint-of-a-headache was back, I was hurting all over, and my throat felt tight.  In short, it felt like I was coming down with the flu.

I tell you all this not to complain, but to say this:  I didn’t WriMo yesterday.  At all.  So today I need to come up with 3334 words.

Three thousand three hundred and thirty-four words!

I have my work cut out for me.

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