NaBloPoMo (and NaNoWriMo) Day 6

Oh my goodness I’m so far behind!  I didn’t work on my novel at all yesterday, nor did I do so the day before.  I am now 5001 words behind, yikes!  That’s 10% of my novel right there!  What to do what to do what to do?

Ok, first, don’t panic.  When I get in the groove and am uninterrupted, I can write thousands of words in no time at all.  Really!

Second, I haven’t been completely idle:  I’ve been thinking. Call it “creative consultation time”.  Sure, I was only consulting myself, but my self counts, right?  After all, only my self will write.

Tongue firmly in cheek.

Seriously, I can’t blog for too long, because it so happens I have some uninterrupted time available RIGHT NOW, as Tai is not here, and I don’t expect her for at least another hour, but most likely two or three. Before I get cracking, however, I also want to add that I’ve been up since 6:30 yesterday, non stop, and I do NOT feel sleepy at all.  That’s in part thanks to two nice cups of coffee I enjoyed in the middle of the night, plus that extra hour we got overnight (you did remember to turn back your clocks, right?)  In any case, the results of this bit of writing might turn out a little “Alice-in-Wonderlandesque”, but that’s ok too.  My heroine is supposed to find herself in an equally bizarre place, after all…

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