NaBloPoMo Day 7

I’ve been up since 4AM.  That’s largely because I worked overnight on Saturday (as usual), and did it without my usual nap: I was up from 6AM Saturday morning until 12:30PM Sunday, at which point I managed to crash.  Then, at about 2PM, the phone rang.  I didn’t actually hear it do its ring ring ring thing, but I certainly woke up when I hear this on my voicemail:

“[…] Tai was just sick…”

I jumped out of bed, leaving most of my brain cells behind, and grabbed the phone up.

“Yes what?  I’m here, what’s going on?”

In a way, it was nothing major: nausea, actual vomiting, coughing… it happens to her once in a while, generally because when she does catch a cold, she coughs a lot, and her stomach gets upset because she refuses to actually use a tissue.


Anyway, my daughter was sent home from my friend’s, at which point she promptly rushed to the bathroom again.

Sigh (again)

Anyway, long story short I got my brother to bring me some kid-friendly nausea remedies: ginger ale (which she declared “disgusting”, of course), noodles (in case she decided she was hungry and stable enough to eat), and some Pepsi for me (I needed the caffeine; remember, at this point I’d slept less than two of the previous thirty hours).  Between the phone call I made to B. and the time when he got here 20 minutes or so later, she had fallen asleep, pinning my leg under her.

Needless to say, both her sleep schedule and mine have been turned up side down.  Poor thing!  She slept for about an hour after she got home, woke up long enough to ask “What day is it?” (“It’s still Sunday hon”), and went back to sleep.  She was up by 9, and stayed up… until 4AM when I woke up and realized she’d been up all night.  No more vomitus, thank goodness, but she was certainly looking ill still, complaining of headaches and scratchy throat.

There was no school today.

But I’ve been up since 4.

You’d think I’d have accomplished a lot in that time.  Unfortunately, not exactly.  I learned how to use Google Sketch Up, a little.  I spent most of the day working on that, and redoing a banner for another website of mine.  It’s still not quite where I want it, though.  But it’s a lot closer to what I was looking for!

I did not Nano today.  In fact, I almost forgot to BloPo!  Oh no!…

Wait. Erm…. excuse me a moment…

OK, I’m back.  I just cracked myself up with that one and had to take a moment to breathe.  I’m ok now…  ahem!

Anyway,  I might feel unproductive these days, but clearly there’s nothing wrong with my funny button.  Maybe this is a good time to catch up on my novel.  You think?  Oh by the way, I did manage another 400 words yesterday, but I’m still way behind.  I should be approaching 12,000 words.  Instead, I’m only at 5,000.  That’s ok, I just need to tell myself I can still catch up, because I can.

See you tomorrow!

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2 Responses to NaBloPoMo Day 7

  1. I hope that your daughter is much better. Being sick does suck.
    I also hope that you’ll get your well-needed sleep. Work overnight and not getting sleep just sounds really tiring. I just don’t see how people can do 3rd shift and being sane.

  2. Jaguwar says:

    Hey Brandon,

    Yeah, she’s better now.
    As for sleep, well… LOL I’m still up! It’s funny, there are days I can go with little sleep, but others are just OMG WHY!?!? I’ll be ok, though. As long as I get a little before I have to go in tomorrow. Besides, I caught a “busy hours” shift, that will help! 🙂

    Thanks for the good wishes.

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