NaBloPoMo Day 9

Today, I had an unusual assignment, the kind of thing I haven’t done since the kids were in Girl Scouting.  First, since I haven’t mentioned it anywhere on this blog before, I should tell you what I do.

I work at a grocery store.  My job title is “Floor Supervisor”, which is a little more than a glorified cashier, but most days not much more, really.  It’s kind of like being team captain:  you’re not actually more important than any other player (in fact, I personally think the goalie is more important than anyone else, at least in soccer; if you don’t believe that, try taking the goalie out of the goal on penalty kicks… or in as sudden death contest,) but you’re the person everyone else looks to for direction.  If things get backed up or otherwise messy, it’s the supervisor’s job to untangle things and smooth things over.

I haven’t had a floor shift in two months.  Part of that might be my availability for a time; but part of it also stemmed from a misunderstanding that arose thanks to the ISP service fiasco.  I missed enough calls to come in that it was thought I didn’t need the hours.

In any case, I hadn’t done anything interesting in quite a while.  Today, however, I got a chance to take a kindergarten class on a tour of the store.

There were 19 children, more or less split down the middle girls and boys.  We had a terrific time (though they were getting rather rambunctious near the end.)  I showed them all kinds of fruit and vegetable, namely asparagus and artichokes, mangoes and papayas.  I had a co-worker cut it up into bite sized pieces so they could try something new they’d never tried before.

Then we went to the deli, where they sampled honey turkey slices (yum!).  I had one kid who thought he didn’t like turkey but tried it anyway.  He tapped my arm.  “I like it!” he exclaimed with some surprise.  He didn’t like it enough to finish it (in fact, right as he was telling me he was done with it, he dropped it right on the floor instead), but he benefited from trying, and that was rewarding.

I showed them the back storeroom, the size of the coolers, the bailer (which was made more fun because a couple of the guys were in the process of bailing some old cardboard boxes.  Noisy and cool to watch!

In the end, I ran out of time.  We did get to look at orchids and smell roses and discover bromyliads, but we didn’t get to give them all a balloon.  I gave it to the teacher, instead, with a challenge to see how long they could keep it before it popped.

I think we had a good enough time, and they learned something new, I hope.  I enjoyed leading a group of kids again, and doing something different for a change.

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