NaBloPoMo Day 12: Post-Armistice Day weekend

I woke up extra early this morning.  Try 4AM early.  That may be because I fell asleep before 10PM last night.  It’s been a long, exhausting week.  Yesterday (Friday), I only had a 4 hour shift, but it was the busiest 4 hours I’ve experienced in a long time.  The store was packed full of people buying food and drink and snacks for tailgating: UGA plays Auburn today in one of it’s annual rivalry matches.  In fact, if they win this game, UGA will be in a position to earn themselves the SEC title.  Not bad for a team that started the season ranked 21st.

But I don’t really want to talk football right now.  I’m talking about yesterday.  Our lines were backed up 5-6 people deep, sometimes more, pretty much non stop from 3PM to 7PM and it was still that way when I left at 7:30.  Understand, we have 10 Self-Checkout robots, and another 7 registers.  Most of them were open all evening.  We’re supposed to have 1+1 queuing, meaning as soon as a third person shows up in a line, we open more registers.  The idea is to attempt to keep customers moving quickly.

“Quick” was not in the works last night.  The best we could do was “As quickly as possible”.  Fortunately, our customers were patient and understanding, if clearly dismayed.

Personally, I was buoyed by a delightful turn of events:  several long-standing repairs were finally effected.  My toilet tank’s assembly had been running constantly for over a year.  A broken tap knob meant I couldn’t shut the water between uses, so it ran, and ran… and ran.  A few days ago, the assembly finally gave the warning signs it wouldn’t keep going like this: all of a sudden, it was gushing, rather than merely leaking.  It sounded like Niagara Falls, I kid you not.  The force of all that water was so fierce, the water in the tank looked like it was boiling.  My youngest daughter took to brushing her teeth anywhere but in there, going back in only when she needed the sink.

Not pretty.

So yesterday we got a new tank assembly.  Smooth quite flushing and a silent tank are now what we can look forward to.  Nice!

Next, the plumber took a look at my kitchen sink.  It had a leak since we moved in.  Maintenance had taken a look, attempted a repair, and discovered it was going to take more than he could do.  As a result, he simply shut off the hot water.  The result was washing dishes with cold water only and a dishwasher that wasn’t working as well or as efficiently as it could.  That had gone on for more than a year.  Unfortunately, it turned out the taps need changing, and they didn’t have any on site.  He had to turn the hot water off (again!) but he did find out I can expect a whole new faucet, probably on Monday.

Finally, my oven had recently burned out the lower burner.  As a result, cooking things like pizza or roasting a chicken was out.  I expected a new burner. Instead, I got a whole new stove.  Better yet: it’s self-cleaning!  I’ve had my own appliances before (when I moved here from Canada, I had my own washer and dryer, and before then I had not only those, but my own stove and ice-making fridge, too) but I’ve never had a self-cleaning oven before, let alone something provided by a landlord.  Very sweet!

All of these events combined to make for a very happy me.

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2 Responses to NaBloPoMo Day 12: Post-Armistice Day weekend

  1. That oven looks sweet. Our oven is so self-cleaning. However, I always wonder… what makes an oven self-clean? I have cleaned an oven before and it is a big pain in the behind. But I know that I used chemicals and washcloth. So how does it self-clean?

    • Jaguwar says:

      Ah! I believe it is heat. The oven literally runs for several hours at high heat (900 degrees!) until any residue is charred, I think. Ideally, you would probably run it in the middle of the night: mine says it’ll be stuck on self clean for more than 4 hours! O.o Check out this article for more info.

      This particular model, I discovered, also comes in a “steam cleaning” version, which uses water and is faster, perfect for occasional cleaning. This model also has something called a “continuous cleaning” system. Not sure how that works yet…

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