Dog food recipe and NaNOWriMo

3 cups rice
1 cup rolled oats
1/3 cup Quinoa
5-6 cups water
pat of butter (about 1 Tbsp)

The result with 6 cups will almost be a slurry, so if you want something firmer, use 5 cups instead. Cook on medium for 5 minutes.  Reduce heat to low and cook 20 minutes.

This is the basis for a grain based dog food in which you can add anything you want.  Depending on the size and activity level of your dog, I would imagine you’d have enough for a week or two for a smaller dog, to a day or so for a larger breed.  I have a big dog, she eats a lot, and I served her a third of the resulting base with hot dogs (yeah, I know, not ideal, but they’re cheap!), a quarter can of chicken broth for flavor, half a cup of commercial refried beans, and a small portion of previously cooked and processed chicken gizzards and hearts.

Now the refried beans have onion powder in them, which is a big no no with dogs, but I think the relatively small proportion will be ok.  After all, she has been fed everything from pizza to hamburgers and other “human” food.  You’ll notice this mix has a lot of protein from both animal and vegetable sources (beans, quinoa, hot dogs, chicken gizzards and hearts).  However, it was seriously missing vegetables.  That’s because I’m currently out of veggies!  I will have to get some more.  Later, I will try adding chicken or salmon and plums (because I have some!) and see if Daisy eats it with as much unabashed relish.  I think we have another winner here!

Speaking of winners, today I will try to resuscitate my waning NaNoWriMo chances.  At this point, it’s more like NaNOWriMo (National NO Writing Month) for me.  I need nearly 3000 words a day to catch up.  Yikes!

However, there is a write-in at a local bookshop called “Avid Bookshop” (which, after more than a year of well-known plans, finally opened just in time to catch Borders’ customers).  I plan on spending an hour or two with fellow Wrimos, simply writing.  No distractions.  I hope!  However, it is raining today, and the original plan had called for writing outside.  Hmmmm… I wonder if I can make a rig to hold up my umbrella over my laptop?

Also, my very favorite author was on MSNBC this morning, talking about his new book., “11/22/63”, about the Kennedy assassination… but not.  If you know anything about Stephen King, it’s that he’s all for the twist in a story, and this one is likely no exception.  It’s currently only available in hardback for a whopping $26 at the store, bu has it for less than $20 right now, a real deal. I might have to order a copy this week.

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