NaBloPoMo Day 16: PETA outrage

PETA has a new billboard coming out shortly to your neighborhood, right next to schools.  The location is strategic: this time, they’re aiming their propaganda at kids.  The ad, which is expected to be deployed in major cities in Utah, Oklahoma, Florida, New Mexico, Tennessee, and Nebraska, has a picture of a dog’s head superimposed on a turkey body, and reads:

Kids: If you wouldn’t eat your dog, why eat a turkey?

Go Vegan|PeTA

Seriously?  Turkeys are not pets! Moreover, they are bred specifically for the purpose of eating them now (duh!). And finally, everything dies and is eaten by something else. It’s called nature. Oh and one more thing, I respect vegans and vegetarians, that’s their call, but tofurkey is a manufactured food. I’m not saying it’s bad, I’m just saying it’s not exactly “natural”. Last I checked, we’re still part of the animal kingdom, not some other worldly creature that can live on… I dunno, air, maybe?  If we can’t grow it or raise it, it probably doesn’t belong in our body.

Here is an image of the ad, courtesy of PeTA’s website (taken from the PSA section under “Media Center”; credit for the turkey image and the dog image goes to iStockphoto contributors James Steidl and Eric Isselée respectively):

Latest PeTA ad: Kids: If you wouldn't eat your dog, why eat a turkey?

What do you think?  Are you a vegan or vegetarian? How do you feel about this ad targeted at the young and impressionable? How do you feel about my arguments? Leave your comments below.  Personally, I am outraged.

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2 Responses to NaBloPoMo Day 16: PETA outrage

  1. taniamginoza says:

    Hawaii has an anti billboard law (which sometimes is abused to go after “competitor” retailers) but as far as not having huge signs on the side of the road, I think it’s a good thing especially when I read a post like yours. We get enough political and product marketing in our lives as it is. Except kids now do receive messages from many different sources regardless, might be a good conversation starter with them? Maybe they already know families who are vegan and have questions about why different families have different belief systems or lifestyles?

    • Jaguwar says:

      I wish billboards would go away!

      Having said that… There is room for a conversation starter, that’s for sure. Part of the problem I see with this is that the billboards are going to be placed near schools, specifically. The main idea is surely to target children, I get that; however it also traumatizes children in a location where the parents are, by definition, not present. By the time the children are talking to their parents (who, by the way, would be completely blindsided by the conversation since they haven’t seen the ad themselves), I would argue that psychological damage has already been done.

      This ad does not seek to encourage meaningful discussion between children and adults, or (better yet) children and their parents. It seeks to force action through trauma. Doing it to children, seems wrong, doesn’t it?

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