What’s in a name?

(I want to thank Karen Lynn, a blogger who posted a comment on BlogHer, and MouthyHousewives who posted a question-and-answer on her BlogHer for the inspiration for this post)

When I was little, I suffered from two terrible afflictons: nickname envy and no-middle-name syndrome.  As a result, I originally planned on calling my first daughter “Elizabeth” just so she could have nicknames if she wanted to.

Being an only child, I didn’t realize that nicknames are most often bestowed by younger siblings who can’t pronounce your name;  all I knew was that having a nickname meant someone knew you well enough to be casual with you. Better yet, sometimes the nickname itself had its own “birthing story”:  it was “born” out of a shared experience with someone close to you.

Now I did have a nickname, one my mom and select family members used, but I *HATED* it. Still do, in fact.  It sounds like the release of air from a certain bodily function to me. LOL  Which I realize, in this moment, is funny as all get out!)  But no friend ever gave me a nickname that stuck, and that still hurts.

Well, that’s not quite true.  My best guy friend calls me “Sister” and I call him “brother” and, when you were raised as an only as we both were, that’s the best nickname of all

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2 Responses to What’s in a name?

  1. Funny I just caught your BlogHer comment and your recent post. For most of my childhood, I thought my first name was Nikki. When I was about 8, my parents informed me my first name was actually Yolanda. For a long time I rejected it and actually hated it – why call me Nikki when the whole time my name was Yolanda?? When I asked this a few years ago, my mother told me she always wanted to call her daughter Nikki but actually wanted to name me Monique. My dad wanted to name me Yolanda so he won that battle but she gave me Nichole as my middle name so she could call me Nikki. And now I mostly go by Yolanda – you have to be family or really tight with me to even know to call me Nikki 🙂

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