NaBloPoMo Day 25: Black Friday, I shun thee!

In a previous post, I discussed (somewhat obliquely, perhaps) the traditional “holiday shopping” season which officially kicked off this morning.

Personally, I have never shopped on Black Friday.  Part of that is economic, ironically enough:  I can’t afford to take advantage of the truly great deals, which can generally be found in the electronics stores.  The nice plasma tv, the new computer or other computing gadget, etc… those are the things whose value doesn’t diminish when January comes around.  Everything else is typically half price on January 1st, when merchants begin to look at the Spring season.  Even cars (who lose value anyway) aren’t at their best deals right now.  Besides, I simply can’t afford that kind of thing

Down with Black Friday!More than that, though, I simply prefer not to put myself in harm’s way, or, worse, risk death.  Should I ever find myself in a position where I could afford to take advantage of the sales, I would purchase online.  Simple as that.

Now I also want to support local businesses.  That’s where I can find deals (I hope!) on everything else.  Part of my problem is, I don’t know what else I want… or could afford.  (Yes, money is that tight this year).  I’ve seen some reallyb cool toy ideas (Hands-on Angry birds game, anyone?) which means I have to find a local toy store.  Hmmm… There’s a mission!

Ironically, the things I need most (clothes and shoes) typically go on their best sales when the seasons change.  In other words, in January.  Ideally, I would do like my old friend Val did: do all my Christmas shopping in January for later that year…

If worse comes to worst, I can use the discounted items I purchased at Easter that I’ve had stashed back, just in case.

Where are you shopping this year?  Did you join the Black Friday mad dash, or take advantage of online shopping?  Will you support your local businesses this Saturday and grab a thing or two for someone special there?  Share in the comments below.  Happy Holidays!

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