NaBloPoMo Day 26: What clumping litter reveals

A few days ago, I posted about my cat litter box and the woes of dealing with it. The very same day, I changed the kitty litter, a bit of old-fashioned, standard litter I was only using because I found it at such a deep discount, it was impossible to say no (how does 99 cents grab ya?).

Anyway, I had decided to go back to clumping litter.  You know the kind: cat pees, big clump develops. Love that stuff!  The clumping action alone pretty much guarantees your house won’t smell like a downtown subway station in the bad part of town.  Ok, I exaggerate about the downtown station, but I could think of no better analogy in a pinch.

So, getting to the point.  Later that day, I happened to be in the bathroom when Skittles came around and stepped into the litter box.  That’s how I was able to notice that she pees right on the edge of the door.  I mean, she goes in there exactly as far as she thinks she needs do and does her business right there.    That was the day I understood why I sometimes find urine under the box.

A few days later, I cleaned out the box.  Sure enough, right in front of the door is this big, gigantic clump.  That’s where someone (ahem! Skittles!) has been doing her number ones.

It was while cleaning elsewhere that I realized something else:  they both do it! Although I found a few clumps elsewhere, the bulk of it is right by the door!  It’s a miracle they don’t cover the floor right in front of the box’s door with litter!  I couldn’t believe it.

Silly cats! Most cats I’ve known would actually turn around in the box so their heads might be sticking out; not these two.


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