NaBloPoMo Day 28: Household chores week

Today woke up rainy and wet.

I woke up early today, jarred out of a deep sleep half an hour earlier than usual by the alarm.  I fell asleep watching HGTV, and switched to MSNBC because Willie, Joe and Mika crack me up in the morning, even while they discuss serious issues.

Today I need to do some serious house cleaning.  The problem is, I really stink at doing that.  I mean I hate it, not because I don’t like a clean house or because I’m lazy, exactly, but because there’s not a lot of proper storage around here.  Have you noticed how expensive even plastic storage containers are?  How about a 5-shelf bookshelf?

Worse, kitchen cabinets!  I actually have quite a few, really, but they’re poorly configured.  That’s what happens when you live in a building almost as old as I am: these apartments were built in the 1970s, and it shows in the configuration of the cabinets.  Sometimes I wish I could BUY my apartment, and still have money left over to install my own cabinets.  I mean seriously!  They don’t have to be solid wood, either.  Or maybe I could install one of those tankless water heaters so that I could recover the space currently used by the water heater and turn it into a proper pantry.

I miss having a pantry.

Tankless heaters are about the same price as the big bulky regular ones, did you know that?  I just checked out the prices.  For the price they paid for my new heater (for which I’m grateful, don’t misunderstand!) they could have installed a tankless model and got a tax break for retrofitting the place with a greener option.  Then I could have put up shelves in that absolutely awesome cabinet next to the sink.

But no.  I’m stuck with way too little space to put my food and plates and so on.

Anyway, enough griping.  The point is, I’m gonna do some cleaning today.  I’m determined!  At least I’m starting with a clean sink.

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