NaBloPoMo Day 30: Reflections

Today is the last day of NaBloPoMo 2011, and it’s been quite the experience.  What, if anything, have I learned or discovered?

First off, I discovered a few really cool blogs.  They are linked on the right side of the page, under “Blogs I like-NBPM ’11”.  I invite you to go check them out.  If you want humor, you want to check out “When Cows Cry” and his wife’s blog, “My Life in an Alternate Reality”.  Those two occasionally go back and forth, and I found myself practically in tears I laughed so much.

Second, I learned that it’s really best to blog around the same time every day, just to establish the habit.  I had a few days near the end of the month where I forgot until late thirty and posted just in the nick of time.  When that happened, I sometimes lost track of days and had to double check whether or not I had posted that day.  If I had more regular readers, I’d find they’d be a little unhappy with me, waiting all day like that…

Third, finding something to talk about every single day can be difficult, especially when your blog has no particular direction.  Personally, I’m ok with that, because it means I can sometimes post more than once in the same day!

Fourth, from now on (except for NaBloPoMo 2012), I might make use of the schedule function!  That thing is really useful for keeping your readers happy, even when you know you’ll be too busy to post in a timely fashion.  This is especially useful during holidays, or when you anticipate visitors for an extended period of time.

Fifth, it’s still easier to blog than to write a novel in 30 days! LOL  As you can see from the graphic in the sidebar, I failed pretty miserably this year.  I’m really sad about that.  I think that story has potential, but I found myself tired out by the grind.  I also have an easier time of it, given the time constraint, writing with other Wrimos.  I only made it to one write-in, and had a great time… but wish I had bothered doing some of the other online versions.  Sprints in IRC chat, NaNoWordSprints on Twitter… all useful tools I ignored through sheer laziness.

Next year… next year perhaps I’ll write part two of this darned book!

Meantime, it’s been an interesting month.  Thanks for taking the journey with me.

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2 Responses to NaBloPoMo Day 30: Reflections

  1. Hi there! I just wanted to let you know how nice it has been to get introduced to your blog through NaBloPoMo. I have given you a Liebster Blog Award. You can check it out here:
    It also is a great way to pass on your top five new blog reads : ) Keep writing and thanks for sharing!

    • Jaguwar says:

      Hi Lindsey,

      I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my blog. 🙂 An award? Cool, my first one! I should have done this long ago! LOL Thank you very much for reading, and for your consideration.

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