Twas the night before Christmas….

… and all through the house
The smell of fresh cookies made our stomachs grouse.

I just finished a batch of these stained-glass cookies.  I hadn’t made these since I was maybe 13, largely because the last time I made them they weren’t terribly tasty (though they were pretty), and they’re fun but time consuming to make.  At least, they seem that way to me: I don’t bake much.  Cooking dinner, though a pleasure, is about enough for me!

THIS recipe, however, was perfectly tasty!  I used Wonka’s “Original Spree” candy canes (which are both pretty and tasty).  I wish I could take pictures, but my camera is currently incapacitated, because the result was really pretty, too.  We’ve hung some in the tree, and are eating others.

With milk.

I wish my eldest daughter were here, she’d make sugar cookies too.  Unlike me, she’s a great baker, simply because she enjoys it.

Anyway, Merry Christmas to you all.  May you share love and laughter with family a great friends.  May you find warmth in their company, and remember the reason for the season, as they say.

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