Of varied interest

You can’t tell from reading my blog as it stands now, but I do have a variety of interests, from gardening (although I haven’t done that in a while) to cooking to reading to… you get the idea!

One of the things I’ve developed a renewed interest for is health and beauty, especially the beauty part. Why not? I’m a 40 year old divorcée, how cliché!

My newest interest is in nail polish. Perhpas part of it is missing my older daughters who are at the age of glam and polish (of personal appearance in general, I mean). Then again, the adornment of nails has taken on a whole new look lately, going from ghetto fabulous in the 80s to a work of art, if done right, now.

Two sites I have to mention at this point. The first is Tartofraise’s site “Nail Art” (in French, I’m afraid), where she demonstrates her own nail art, either through videos (which require no translation) or text-based instructions. The final results are shown in beautiful photography, and that is why she’s my fave.

The second is a new find, called “Glam Polish“. I discovered her today because she’s having a giveaway! Now I don’t know if you know, but quality nail polish is more expensive than ever. A good polish can run about $16/ounce! Ouch! That makes FREE nail polish a real bonus if you’re interested in doing your nails.

Are you? Well then head on over and put your name in the hat too!

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One Response to Of varied interest

  1. I am also a person of varying interest but there are some things that I like more than others. Beauty is not my thing but then again, I am a guy. I am curious about what things is considered beauty and fashionable vs. other things that are bizarre.

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