Advertisement invasion!

I usually use Google Chrome for my browsing experience. Firefox gets too tangled up in itself, too fast, and so I made the switch months ago.

Today, however, I decided to look at my blog using Firefox and discovered something I had never seen when viewing via Chrome: advertisement. Worse, VIDEO advertisement, right at the bottom of every one of my posts, unwanted and out of my control. “What the…?” I thought. I checked out a friend’s blog. Same thing.


I don’t want advertisement on my blog that I don’t control! I can’t even determine (as far as I can see) where it shows up. Of course, I’m using WordPress’ servers completely free of charge, so there’s no complain to them; besides, it’s not their fault I hadn’t noticed because I’m using Chrome. I was just caught by surprise… and displeased.

I plan on moving back to my own server as soon as I can. In the meantime, if the ads bother you as much as they bother me, for now, simply do what I do: use Chrome.

I’m sure eventually they’ll figure it out.

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One Response to Advertisement invasion!

  1. I am using Firefox and I noticed any type of ads. However, there are some add-ons in Firefox that you can use to get rid of majority of ads. It’s called AdBlock Plus and it can stop ads quickly, making your browsing experience more comfortable. Incidentally, Google got the exact same add-on for their browser too. Perhaps something to look into.

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