This is your halftime show! 2012 edition

There’s a lot of talk this morning about Super Bowl XLIV’s halftime show (ok, maybe not *a lot*, but there is some). Many people are complaining how it “sucked” and “Madonna was lip-syncing” and “It was not memorable”. Here’s my response to all that.

This is the Super Bowl, not the Grammys; the Super Bowl wants a clean, family friendly show, especially after the Janet Jackson disaster. They NEVER pick a “recent” artist, but people are ignoring the fact that Madonna had the CLOUT to bring some in anyway. Neither Niki, M.I.A., nor Cee Lo are exactly old rubes here, let alone LMFAO. THAT is how we got more recent artists: Madonna *brought it*.

Honestly, you can’t please all the people all the time, and this is a perfect example of that. Finally, lip-syncing is REQUIRED (see above note about a clean show).

I think it was the best show since MJ (may he R.I.P.).

One more thing. I really resent that people think Madonna was trying to be Gaga-esque. They have that backwards, by definition. Gaga is a smart woman, she knows exactly what is required to make it big and have staying power: be sufficiently unique while maintaining a Madonna-like persona. The other “mainstream-ish” alternative might be Beyonce. These women thread the fine line between superstardom and personality, and they do it well. Props to Madonna.

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One Response to This is your halftime show! 2012 edition

  1. Another thing about the lip syncing….because of the sheer size of the stadium at the Super Bowl, many of the superstars that perform for the halftime show lip sync. This is because if they didn’t, we wouldn’t be able to hear half of what they say. For whatever reason, mikes are horrible in stadiums. John Q. Public doesn’t care who is on the halftime show. You’ll never be able to please everyone, and there will ALWAYS be criticism.

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