Kony vs Qani: would his religion have made a difference?

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The Facebook group “Americans against Islamophobia”, via IslamophobiaToday.com posted an article on Facebook today postulating that the whole “get Kony captured” thing wouldn’t have happened if he were a Muslim killing other Muslims, or that because he’s a Black man, an African to boot, America feels freer to see him as a “bad guy”.

A discussion with (presumably) Muslim or Muslim-respecting people, several gems came to light. For instance (the posters will not be named because I am *not* asking for their permission):

What ever happened to human rights? I guess this only applies if we are looking down our collective noses at other countries…

Or how about this one:

Z.T., you need to reconsider what you’ve said. Muslim civilian populations are targeted by the U.S soldiers/armies, obviously at the behest of American governments/presidents etc. Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan are few of the many examples…drone attacks, insanity attacks under the name of collateral damage have killed more civilians than killed in any other attacks. Guantánamo Bay is nothing short of a concentration camp, not to mention how they detain and treat Muslim prisoners in U.S prisons…it is always difficult to understand if you are not directly affected or if you haven’t walked in those shoes…

This was in response to this idiocy from Z.T.

The Nuremberg laws don’t apply to number of people killed; the thing that matters is the way that they’re killed. US Presidents have not been locking Muslims up in concentration camps or otherwise targeting the Muslim civilian population.

¿Quien es Joseph Kony?

¿Quien es Joseph Kony? (who is Joseph Kony?) (Photo credit: Jennol)

Someone (rightfully, I think) pointed out that Gitmo is a concentration camp, or at least disturbingly similar to on.  In the end, I responded the following:

There is absolutely no comparison here. The problem with Kony isn’t that he has an army, or that he kills people; every world leader becomes guilty (or can become guilty) of that eventually.

No, the difference here is that his army is composed largely of children, kidnapped (or perhaps bought? I suppose he might buy a few, but I doubt it; why buy what you can steal?), used to commit horrific atrocities on their own parents and others (this army doesn’t just kill, it maims ON PURPOSE!), and turning GIRLS into sex slaves against their will. I hope not one of you is inclined to blame the girl, a child, for her own RAPE.

There is a world of difference here. To compare the two is apples to oranges and doesn’t stand any test of logic. I think some people need to get off their high religious horse (i.e. it’s all about Muslims) and look at the rest of us as humans with some potentiality. It’s not about the number of Muslims killed, it’s about the kind of people impacted, specifically the most vulnerable in any society regardless of religion, color, creed, or culture: children. If it weren’t for those children, we honestly wouldn’t care.

Neither would you.

Unless, perhaps, they were Muslim children.

Later, as I thought about it, I added this:

You know, it occurs to me that this whole article’s premise is really disgusting. It presumes that most of us (not just the US, but others elsewhere as well,) don’t care about children, or would be ok with Muslims doing.. what? At which point do we draw the line? Let’s say Kony was Muslim; do you think we’d be ok with him killing others using children???? Of course not! Our problem then, actually, would be to avoid the impression that we’d be bringing the Crusades back.

Our previous President was clearly happy to do just that. Anyone who thinks otherwise is probably as narrow minded as the article’s author seems to be.

*This* President, on the other hand, likely isn’t. For one thing, having grown up (at least for a time) in a predominantly Muslim country, he would likely feel much more sympathetic to Muslims as a group than any president before him. To ascribe to him the kind of callouness that is defined along religion lines is both disingenuous and potentially dangerous.

Yes, Gitmo is still open. I suspect he discovered he couldn’t do what he wanted to about Gitmo; there is much we don’t know about the Presidency and what it means to have all the secrets. That concentration camp/prison (I think it’s both at the same time) really needs to be dealt with; but have you seen how he’s been and is being treated by the people who actually mold his power? A president isn’t a king in this country. He cannot snap his fingers and make things happen.

Tell you what, if you want the job, why not apply for it? Meantime, please don’t insult our intelligence or our compassion. I know it’s hard to see these days, but there is still plenty of it in the U.S. and elsewhere in the West, and it shines most brightly when it comes to children, regardless of gender.
/end rant.

What do you think?  WOULD it have been different if Kony had been Khani or Qani?

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