“Obamacare” debate: Random Ramblings

“The Federal government doesn’t have the authority to force you to buy a product” ~

Really?  What do we think Social Security is?  How about Medicare?  On my pay stub, every single week, a portion of my earnings goes into paying for a product (Meicare) that I currently may never receive.  I pay into Social Security, too, another service or product I may never get to take advantage of, or at least not at the rates I was told I would get.  The U.S. government has been making us pay for products and services since forever, regardless of how we feel about them.

I paid, via my taxes, for a war in Iraq I knew from the beginning wasn’t legitimate.  complaining would have done no good.

I don’t understand why this is such a big deal, or how anyone can complain about keeping their own fellow citizens safe.  I don’t understand how the same people complaining about “Obamacare” (oh how I hate that term!) also complain about immigration issues, without realizing that the new health care mandate can be used to help filter out undocumented and otherwise illegal immigrants.  These people, who live in the U.S. without legal permission, pay taxes, but don’t pay into Social Security of Medicare.  I’m betting they won’t pay into the new health care plan either, and therefore will be even easier to weed out.

Now I’m not saying this is or isn’t a good thing; but come on people, use the intelligence God gave you and do a little extrapolation!  Most of my readers are above average: why can’t you spread the word intelligently, rather than spread the lies of the right wing, or limiting yourselves to the silence of the left?  Have you read any part of the bill, at all?  I have, and I have to tell you, although it’s not quite the “single payer” idea, it’s probably the next best thing.  It’s a first step towards a much more logical single payer system.  In fact, for the conservatives, it provides exactly what they say they want: people taking responsibility for themselves and purchasing a much-needed product.  I don’t ever hear them complaining about having to have and pay for car insurance!

For the left, there’s protection from abusive insurance companies in the form of forbidding the “pre-existing condition” clauses.  Did you know pregnancy is often considered a “pre-existing condition”?  That should have gotten conservatives in an uproar ages ago; after all, lately they have no problem telling women they “must carry their pregnancies to term”, regardless of the circumstances, but insurance won’t cover you if you’re already pregnant.  Hello?  Is it me or is there disconnect here?

For everyone, the combination of the two is the biggest compromise ever, and should have brought both sides to a place, if not of agreement, at least of intelligent, rational discussion. Instead we have rabid opposition on both sides, which I find completely ludicrous.

The United States spends the most money on healthcare in the world, yet has some of the worst care in the developed world.  How is that possible?  I’ll tell you part of the story: greed.

Doctors are paid more here (a LOT more) than anywhere else in the world.  Canadian doctors, who were some of the best in the world, have all moved to the U.S. because they could make more money here.  I’m sorry, I love doctors, I really do (my father was a general practioner, what we’d call a “family physician” here in the U.S.) but paying doctors (at least generalists) substantially more than teachers is WRONG.

“Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”.  Ever tried doing that while sick?  Difficult, sometimes impossible.  Health care IS not only a Constitutional right, it’s essential to the well-being of a people.

Here’s another thought: a sick people is an easier-to-control people.  There’s a reason why slaves are fed and cared for less: they’re easier to control if they’re hungry and just sickly enough to not have the energy to think of revolt. Perhaps conservatives ought to keep that in mind, because even conservatives can fall on hard times.

This was just off the top of my head, not my usual thought-out post.  Still, they constitute my basis for shaking my head at all this whining and crying about the whole “Obmacare” debate.  I come from a country where basic care is COVERED.  It’s neither ideal nor perfect, but under that system I wouldn’t have to worry about going to a dentist to fix my tooth, which has decided all that time spent in braces was a waste of time.  I don’t have to worry about going for an annual checkup.  I don’t have to worry about taking my child (or myself, for that matter), for an eye exam.  I just GO, knowing it’s covered except for a ridiculously small copay.  Obamacare can, eventually, give us a similar system.  That is a GOOD thing!  It would have meant my daughter, who likes football, could have joined a mixed or women’s football team, or heck played football with her guy friends without me worrying that she’d break an arm or something.  I mean seriously, this bill can provide freedom, not oppression!  Sure, paying money we barely have is difficult, but really, how many toys do your kids actually NEED?  Our priorities have been twisted until we want to please our children more than we want to take care of them.  “Obamacare” forces us to re-examine our priorities in a way that conservatives should have found acceptable.  Wait… forcing?  Good?  By conservative standards?  Well… yeah.  Have you not heard?  They want to FORCE women to do all kinds of things they would never agree to, under the guise of doing women (and only women) a service.


Look it up.  Watch it if you can.  See if you can find the parallels.

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