NaBloPo/NaNoWri-Mo Day 1: Fail

Well hello again dear readers, it’s been a while again. I apologize.  Reality is a little monotonous at the moment, I guess, and I just don’t want to speak too much of my own mind, you know? It feels too personal and too immediate, somehow.  Besides, what is there to talk about but the nearly interminable Presidential race these days?

I exaggerate, but that’s how it’s felt for a little bit, so I chose to keep quiet. However, I have two brand new excuses to speak, and better topics: today is day one of both NaBloPoMo, and NaNoWriMo. If you followed my blog since last year, you know what it is. If not… well, feel free to search the blog. There’s only an hour left in the day, and I just need to post a little something very quickly.

For NaNoWriMo, the plan is to use a machinima (a digital movie based on The Sims 3) that I’m working on. The machinima is giving me some trouble, but I have characters, a general plot idea, and a good idea how it all starts. My problem is that this movie is being made in conjunction with a contest, and the contest requirements have slowed me down from the beginning.

It’s ok, though, that project is back on track, even though I haven’t written a single word of my story. However, I have some “promotional posters”, and you get to see one of them first.

The movie is called “A Touch of Fear”. The premise is as follows:

Three roommates, all recently graduated from college, are sharing a townhouse in the city. Grace isn’t interested in getting any work just yet, she wants to live la vida loca a little longer. The twins, Morton and Morris, may look identical, but they do have their own personalities: Morris is rather proper, while Morton is… well, let’s just say HE was sent of to military school, and although he did manage to graduate college, he’s never been a straight arrow.

Grace is a big flirt, and has managed to become the romantic interest of both brothers. She can’t make up her mind whether she wants a bad boy or the safe bet.

In any case, they all decide to get a new roommate to help cover the bills and maybe give them the opportunity to save a little money. After many interviews, they decide on Orson.

Orson has clearly had a hard life. He’s actually a good deal older than him. He was in the Air Force, and recently retired from the military with many honors and commendations. He says he’s working as a travel agent. What the roomates don’t know is that he’s actually working undercover, and his presence among them is not an accident. He has been drawn to apply for the room by the illegal activities of Morton: he hopes to bring him and his cartel down…

Something like that. I never plan the details, because stories have a habit of writing themselves. We’ll see how this goes… as soon as I’ve finished with the machinima work that’s due Saturday night. Wish me luck!

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