A blog is a glorified journal, available for all to look at and opine about. That is ok, except there are always those who take things too personally. Therefore this disclaimer.

The words in my posts are my own, in that they reflect my opinion at the time I post them. Given that I, like any human being, change and evolve over time, these opinions and views may change at some time.


The words, thoughts, ideas and opinions I express here, are not meant to “malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, or individual,” or anyone or thing, especially those with the ability and desire to fight back.

Links & URLs

Likewise, the internet evolves and changes constantly. Some of the URLs I connect to today to bolster a point, or share information, may and probably will change at some point. The change may turn out to be something nasty, sick, despicable, or otherwise inappropriate. I’ll do my best to weed them out as soon as I can, but in the meantime I am not responsible for the actual content of THOSE sites.

When linking to a particular article, I may agree or disagree with the actual content of that article, but I cannot be held responsible for anything else on that site, either. The words there belong to their respective authors.

Finally, I generally make sure I’m linking to the correct site, but mistakes happen. I apologize if I link to the wrong item or site, and will be happy to correct it as soon as I can.


In the hopes of making a little residual income to help cover the fees involved with maintaining a website, I am linking to various advertising streams. I only have minimal control over which ads are shown. There are some even I don’t care for, and I can therefore imagine an inappropriate ad showing up. Should that happen, I do apologize if you or anyone you know gets offended.

Audio-Visual Media

On occasion, I link of make use of images and/or video and/or sound. Typically, those belong to someone else and are used either with the implied permission of embed links (video) or public sharing on sites such as Flickr. None of those are ever intended to harm any person, company, or other entity at any time.

If you own an image, video, or sound file on my site and wish for me to remove it, please contact me at jaguwarps@gmail.com. I will be more than happy to do the right thing.

Comments & Commentors

I have set up this site to allow me to moderate the comments of non-members. However, once someone is registered, all their comments are allowed to go through automatically.

In either case, whether moderated or not, I am not responsible for the content of anyone’s comments but my own. I do reserve the right to censor anyone who offends me by either editing, deleting, or not approving their comments; however, what offends me might not be the same as what offends you. If you have issue with someone else’s comment, please take it up with them. Meantime, if you wish to try convincing me of your point of view, feel free to do so, with the understanding that I reserve the right to censor you, too.

Language & International Issues

This website is primarily in English, though I do have a few things in French. I apologize for a few things that actually matter to me, primarily errors in grammar or punctuation that may change the meaning of what I say. I also apologize for the occasional stumbling I may do in French. Although it is my native tongue and I was truly proficient in all its subtleties, I’m way out of practice and may make some serious errors that might cause confusion or otherwise inadvertently harm someone. If so, please let me know and I’ll be glad to rectify any factual errors. However, I also reserve the right to disagree with you and may engage in a public discussion with you about it.

Occasionally, misunderstandings between you, the reader, and myself may crop up because of cultural and/or language differences. I am not responsible for what you feel, particularly if any offense is generated not by what I said, but by how you interpret it. This extends to anything commentors may say, as well.


Although I may occasionally express myself as though I know it all, I’m perfectly aware that I do not. None of my posts, comments or opinions are to be construed as any kind of advice, whether philosophical, political, psychological, botanical, educational, pedagogical, astronomical, astrological, technological, familial, parental, social, medical, eventual, biblical, audiovisual, tomal, legal, medical, or ecclesiastical. Nothing I say is meant to be taken as professional advice of any kind, not necessarily limited to the above-mentioned.

Further Clarification

In case this isn’t clear, you can get a funner gist of what I’m talking about, please click on this button for some clarification:
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Note that I don’t expect “Women who are pregnant or may become pregnant or are nursing are advised to consult their husband and physician before reading this website.” This is the 21st century, you may consult whoever you want, or no one. It’s up to you. The point is, I’m not responsible for what you do or do not do to protect yourself.