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The Principles of Enlightened Self-Interest

In a previous post about the various political and social “-isms”, I discussed some of the more commonly known economic systems, and debated the whys and hows of America’s rejection of most of these. What I didn’t mention is a … Continue reading

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Open-Letter to MySpace

Imagine this: my mother goes to check out my MySpace page because it’s connected to my Skype. She’s got a friend looking over her shoulder. Now they can only see some generic info about me, but at the bottom of the page is a listing a public profiles. One of those profiles has the picture of some woman, butt naked, playing with herself.

My mom about died of embarrassment. Continue reading

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No More Excuses – Flipping the Script

I have spent quite a few days since my origianl “No More Excuses” post thinking about the myriad little ways the world has changed. By today, 10 days after the world fell on it’s head, I finally began looking at … Continue reading

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Econo-Political "isms" and the ensuing schisms

Capitalism Communism Fascism Feudalism Marxism Mercantilism Socialism All these -isms — what do they mean? Americans in particular are well known for their disdain of most of these. (Well, many Americans, anyway, and they tend to be pretty vocal about … Continue reading

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